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Andréa Lisa, the South African-born and New Zealand-raised artist, is a musical powerhouse driven by personal experiences and her deep-rooted inspirations. As a singer, guitarist, composer and producer, Andréa's diverse talents shine through in every aspect of her music.

Her journey in music began at a young age, with soul, jazz, and R&B sounds infusing her daily life. At 15, she started crafting her own music and lyrics, setting her on a path of artistic exploration. A graduate of the New Zealand School of Music with a major in jazz guitar and vocals, Andréa's passion for composition led her to create a rich assembly of genres that blend into a unique and captivating artistic alchemy. 

Andréa Lisa's music aims to uplift, help, and heal others, reflecting her main desire to make a positive impact through her art. Her debut album release "Silver Lining" radiates a heartfelt and transportive energy that captivates the senses and resonates with the soul. Andréa's distinctive sound, rich tone, and emotive vocals permeate every note, creating a melodic tapestry that transcends conventional genres and captures the listener's imagination. 

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Drawing inspiration from her personal journey of resilience and growth, Andréa shares, "The album is a reflection of my experiences, a melodic diary of lessons learned and triumphs achieved.” Through nuanced storytelling and heartfelt lyricism, "Silver Lining" offers a profound narrative of hope, perseverance, and self-discovery. Her music has been widely recognized, with "Vortex" making its mark on Billboard radio, SiriusXM Watercolors, iHeart Radio and gaining success on multiple charts. As a multifaceted talent, Andréa Lisa has collaborated with renowned artists like Jonathan Butler, Ralph Johnson (Earth Wind & Fire), and Kool & the Gang. Her guitar work on Kool & the Gang's latest album further solidifies her status as an exceptional musician.


With her powerful vocals, soulful melodies, and heartfelt lyrics, Andréa Lisa's music is a testament to her unwavering commitment to creating art that touches hearts and souls. As she continues to mesmerize audiences worldwide, her musical journey is poised for even greater heights in the years to come.

Epic Cool
Andrea Lisa Kirk Whalum Humanite

Andréa is a featured artist on Kirk Whalum's latest album "Epic Cool", showcasing her skills on both guitar and vocals. She also contributed an original song, "Love and Healing", to the project. Previously, she was featured on Whalum's album "Humanité", with her song "Get Your Wings Up" selected as the first single.

Andrea Lisa Hollywood music in media awards
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In November 2019, Andréa Lisa received her first official nomination for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for a collaboration with Ralph Johnson from Earth Wind & Fire. She's also featured on Kool & the Gang's latest release, performing on the songs "Obsession" and "For the Woman in You". 
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